The iMac under Apple Silicon in March?

Recently, Apple has updated its range of computers with the installation of its M1 chip on some of its models. Thus, we could see that the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro , and the Mac mini were equipped with the Apple Silicon M1 chip. But there are still other models of the brand waiting for their new chip, these are the iMac, the iMac Pro, as well as the Mac Pro.

Recently, a user by the name of LOvetodream posted a tweet that could give a clue to the future of the iMac. The post in question would assume that the latter will also be entitled to its Apple Silicon chip in the near future.

The iMac under Apple Silicon in March?
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According to the expert, the installation of a chip of this type in the iMac can only be the logical continuation of what has been done until now.

A mysterious indication

On Twitter, LOvetodream posted the iMac video with the number “3” as the caption. This has led netizens to speculate that Apple's next computer to receive the new chip will be the iMac.

Some think Apple's thinking makes sense since the company may want to wait for the advent of an even more powerful Apple Silicon chip to power its Pro models. The iMac would thus be the only model that the company could still update currently. Rumors are also circulating in relation to possible changes in the design of the device.

The month of March ?

As for the date of the release of “future iMac M1”, the use of the number 3 could also indicate that the launch will take place as early as March of this year. It is also well known that in general, Apple organizes a presentation event towards the beginning of the year, which reinforces the idea of a launch around the month of March.

What you need to know is that we are talking about rumors here, even if there is a good chance that they are true. So let's wait for the weeks or months to come to learn more about the future of the iMac.

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