The iPad 9, a look inherited from the iPad Air 3?

What if the iPad 9 borrows part of the design of the iPad Air 3? This is the theory raised by Macotakara .

If you take a look at the Apple catalog, and more precisely in the section devoted to the brand's tablets, then you will find that two trends coexist in terms of design: on the one hand, you have borderless tablets like the iPad Pro and iPad Air 4 and on the other hand tablets with Touch ID such as iPad.

The iPad 9, a look inherited from the iPad Air 3?
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Macotakara believes this trend is not going to change this year.

An iPad 9 inspired by the iPad Air 3?

In reality, according to our colleagues, the iPad 9 should once again retain this famous Touch ID button as well as these large borders around its panel. Be careful though, because it would not be a carbon copy of the current model either, and it would thus borrow a little from the design of the iPad Air 3.

In general terms, the iPad Air 3 was quite close to the iPad. Like him, he therefore kept a Touch ID reader and very imposing borders around his panel. However, its case was a little thinner than the latter and its borders even had a small rounded side not unpleasant for a penny.

Well, for the iPad 9, Apple intends to take inspiration from this design and thus to give us a thinner and more slender tablet… with, we hope, the support of Apple Pencil.

What about Apple Pencil support?

Still, at this stage, it is still pure speculation and it will therefore be necessary to wait for the first leaks to know if the iPad 9 should really take this path.

For our part, we especially hope that Apple will end up extending the borderless fashion to all of its tablets. With the iPad Air 4 , the brand has indeed proven to us that it is able to step out of its comfort zone and integrate the Touch ID reader into a power button; we therefore hope that the iPad will also end up being entitled to the same treatment.

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