The iPad Pro (2021) from 12.9 is finally compatible with the old Magic Keyboard

Apple has communicated on the compatibility between the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) and older versions of the Magic Keyboard. According to the brand, the two products can work together, but not optimally. We take stock.

Apple held a Keynote earlier in April to introduce the world to its new products.

The Ipad Pro 2021 From 12 9 Is Finally Compatible With The Old Magic Keyboard
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The iPad Pro (2021) was of course part of the lot, an iPad Pro (2021) offered in two diagonals: 11 and 12.9 inches. With a little subtlety compared to the following generations.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) is compatible with the older Magic Keyboard, but …

The 12.9-inch model is indeed not equipped with an LCD screen, but Mini LED. This allows it to achieve higher contrasts and greater brightness… but which also results in a slight increase in the tablet. The chassis of the latter is indeed 5 mm thick.

However, earlier this week , we learned that this difference in weight made the new iPad Pro Mini LED incompatible with the old versions of the Magic Keyboard. Finally, according to Apple, it would appear that this is not the case.

In a document available online on the support , Apple explains that the first generation of the Magic Keyboard is fully compatible with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021). In other words, the two products can work together, as with older generations of the tablet.

Apple still advises to buy the new model

On the other hand, the support also specifies that due to the increased thickness of the iPad Pro (2021) of 12.9 inches, then it is “possible” that the closing of the Magic Keyboard is not optimal. Even more when protection is applied to the screen.

By extension, this also means that the lower part of the cover, where the keyboard and touchpad are located, will press more on the screen. Apple therefore encourages buyers to look to the new version of the 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard, a version specially made for the iPad Pro Mini LED.

In the meantime, we remind you that pre-orders for the iPad Pro (2021) start today. And if you still don't know which model to go for, this comparison should be of great interest to you. It will allow you to find the iPad Pro that best suits your needs and your expectations.

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