The iPad Pro (2021) will send heavy if we are to believe Procreate

Procreate welcomes the change of chip for the iPad Pro 2021 with open arms. Indeed, the graphics application for Apple tablets has many new features.

Apple announced on April 20 two new iPad Pro, one with an 11-inch IPS screen, the other with a 12.9-inch Mini LED screen. Both devices are powered by iPadOS 14.5. They are also the first tablets from Apple to ignore the range of Apple Axx processors. Indeed, the iPad Pro (2021) embed the Apple M1 chip. A change which, according to Procreate, should boost their performance and thus offer users of the application new perspectives.

The iPad Pro (2021) will send heavy if we are to believe Procreate

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The famous graphics application has shared information on the performance and features that its next version will offer thanks to the phenomenal power of the Apple Silicon chip in the new iPad Pro.

”A whole new dimension“

The publisher has launched a new web page to announce the improvements that will bring its next update optimized for iPad powered by the Apple M1 processor. The ad is accompanied by the slogan “ a whole new dimension ”.

Version 5.2 will allow users to make illustrations on 3D objects taking advantage of " all the power and precision of the brush and image effects of Procreate ". This next update will also put the package on augmented reality. It will be possible to remove 3D objects from the drawing surface in order to appreciate them in outdoor environments. Realistic lighting and shadow effects will also be present.

A new, more accessible version

On the other hand, Procreate will be significantly smoother on the iPad Pro M1. The application will be four times faster on tasks involving “ high-resolution, layered-rich illustrations ”. The company has also done a lot of work on the accessibility of its application.

It has provided new tools to facilitate handling. It will be easier to make adjustments. Procreate also wants to be more accessible for people with motor difficulties. These will benefit from an audio assistance which will state the actions carried out.

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