The iPhone 12 Mini would struggle to sell, the iPhone 13 Mini threatened?

Apple embarked on a real diversification strategy last year by launching no less than five smartphones: the iPhone SE (2020), the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Five devices quite different from each other and which allow the firm to address a larger target, but which do not all seem to meet the same success. According to Cult of Mac , Apple has indeed lowered the production of the iPhone 12 Mini .

The iPhone 12 Mini would struggle to sell, the iPhone 13 Mini threatened?

In question, sales at half mast compared to other models of the firm.

Apple reportedly cut iPhone 12 Mini production

It must be admitted, on paper, the iPhone 12 Mini has it all. Very elegant, the device is compact enough to be used with one hand and it is as powerful as its comrades. Better yet, it also excels in default, despite the lack of a true optical zoom.

All with a lower price, which at the same time makes it more attractive.

But now, despite its many qualities, it seems that consumers do not respond present. In reality, the choice of fans of the brand would have been more focused on the other models, so that the manufacturer would have taken the decision to reduce the production of its small phone. A drastic reduction since the cut would target no less than two million units. Units transferred to the iPhone 12 Pro which would meet with great success with consumers.

The figures given by our colleagues are in any case worrying. According to them, the iPhone 12 Mini would indeed represent only 6% of all sales of iPhone 12. A bitter failure which would of course explain this change in strategy.

IPhone 12 Mini reportedly represents just 6% of all iPhone 12 sales

Assuming that this data is correct – Apple has not commented on the rumor and the manufacturer is no longer reporting any sales figures – then this failure could also lead to significant changes for this year's lineup.

Indeed, if the iPhone 12 Mini has really encountered such a failure, it seems unlikely that the company will put the cover again this year. Apple could therefore ignore the iPhone 13 Mini.

However, at this stage, all this information and the deductions that accompany it must be taken with a certain measure. It's January and the iPhone 13s won't likely be presented, at best, until September.

As for the iPhone 12 Mini, it has only been available on the market for a few months and it may end up finding its second wind. In any case, it is to be hoped, because we very much appreciated it in the drafting.

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