The Last of Us 3: game writing has already started

Naughty Dog is a studio with a long and rich history. The company has developed some of the biggest games on the PlayStation, between Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted and The Last of Us. So it's no surprise that Sony is the parent company of Naughty Dog and intends to grow its hen that lays eggs. Golden. In the wake of the success of The Last of Us Part II, a series has even been made official to be broadcast on HBO . Not to mention that his sequel is already talking through rumors here and there.

And today, it is precisely Neil Druckmann, co-director of Naughty Dog, who gives us a crisp little info.

The Last of Us 3: game writing has already started

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It was during a podcast that the man explained that the writing of The Last of Us 3 has started, but not its production!

We still have to wait for production

The Last of Us Part II divided players, but still received praise. Many fans praised his writing and a edgy staging, punctuated by highlights. Suffice to say that the community quickly hopes to hear from Ellie and Abby to find this post-apocalyptic universe.

And according to Neil Druckmann, writing for The Last of Us 3 has already started with co-writer Halley Gross.

I am not sure what to reveal. Halley Gross and I have written the outline of the story we are currently imagining and which will hopefully see the light of day. This narrative focuses on what happens after The Last of Us Part 2. We'll see that.

Will The Last of Us 3 be Naughty Dog's next game? Even Neil Druckmann doesn't know it yet. The studio could sign the return of a previous franchise.

After we finish a big game, we take some time to dig several tracks. Whether it's The Last of Us 3, or a new project, seeing an old franchise that we want to explore again.

To find out more, we will therefore have to wait a bit. Especially when you look back on previous Naughty Dog projects: the studio likes to take several years to deliver big AAAs.

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