The Last of Us: The HBO Series No Longer Directed by Chernobyl Director

Video game adaptations are experiencing a second wind, the studios seeming to have found the winning formula. Sonic has been a real commercial success, and a sequel is already announced by Paramount . Nintendo also has in mind to adapt the adventures of Mario alongside the French studio that created Moi, moche et méchant. As for Sony, two exclusives are in the pipeline. Uncharted, starring Tom Holland (Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the MCU) whose filming has ended , and a The Last of Us series in production at HBO. Games created by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation.

But unfortunately for the series The Last of Us, the appointed director leaves production.

The Last Of Us The Hbo Series No Longer Directed By Chernobyl Director

Naughty Dog Credits

This is Johan Renck, who had notably directed Chernobyl, also for the cable channel HBO.

New start for the Last of Us series on HBO

Chernobyl is a one-shot series airing on HBO and widely acclaimed by critics, viewers. The latter was directed by Johan Renck, who was to take care of the adaptation of The Last of Us for the same channel. Unfortunately, the Hollywood Reporter is announcing that the man will not be directing this series currently in production.

However, Craig Mazin, having scripted Chernobyl, is still there. The screenwriter is accompanied by Neil Druckmann, one of the directors of Naughty Dog. What promise a faithful adaptation to a video game franchise that has been successful (but also divided the fans) with The Last of Us Part II.

So who will direct The Last of Us for HBO? Sony has already found a replacement for Johan Renck. It is about Kantemir Balagov, Russian scenario writer of barely 29 years who knows a great success of esteem in the medium . His latest feature film to date? Une Grande Fille, director award in the Un certain regard section at Cannes, in 2019.

At the moment, The Last of Us does not have an official cast or date for its broadcast . Let's hope all the same that the project will not suffer such major disruptions as those of the production of the film Uncharted.

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