The Lenovo sound bar for just € 19

She is back ! The Lenovo L101 sound bar is indeed the subject of a new promotion at Gearbest. This time, it will cost you € 19.84 , a price that makes it extremely attractive given all the services it offers.

The product is sold new, but will be shipped from China. Good point, however, delivery times will be shorter and the soundbar will arrive at your home within 10 to 18 days after shipment. Be careful, however, because these will not start until next month.

The Lenovo sound bar for just € 19

The offer is valid for six days only and it remains of course dependent on the stocks in the possession of the sign.

Lenovo sound bar at a bargain price

The Lenovo L101 soundbar comes in the form of a plastic bar with a cloth placed above the speakers. Colored LEDs have also been placed at its ends, they will come alive with the music to brighten up the place where you put it.

The ergonomics go straight to the point. A wheel is thus placed at one end of the speaker and it will be enough to turn it in one direction or the other to adjust the sound volume.

No need to worry to use the speaker. All you have to do is connect its audio cable to the computer jack. The sound bar can also be powered by USB and it will therefore not be necessary to physically connect it to a power outlet.

The technical part is not bad either. The Lenovo L101 has two 6W speakers and it offers a frequency response between 25 Hz and 20 KHz.

In short, if you travel a lot and if your laptop PC does not excel with its sound, then this speaker should interest you. Even more at this price.

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