The Line, the linear city dreamed of by Saudi Arabia

In 1882, the Spanish engineer Don Arturo Soria y Mata had the crazy idea of building “La Ciua Lineal”, which literally means “The linear city. As the name suggests, it was about building a city that stretches all the way around a central axis. The Ciua Lineal was made possible thanks to the help of the Soviet architect Nikolai Miliutin.

Today, this famous city is drowned by other cities in the heart of Madrid. Don Arturo Soria y Mata's project gave Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ideas. On January 10, 2021, the latter appeared on Saudi national television to announce his intention to create a linear city in Saudi Arabia . This city will be called The Line.

The Line, the linear city dreamed of by Saudi Arabia
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In view of the statements of the Saudi Crown Prince, we can say that this city will be an improved version of the city of Don Arturo Soria y Mata.

A city that will be 170 km long

Mohammed bin Salman believes that the realization of this project is essential in view of the current situation. During his speech on national television, he explained that Saudi cities are "saturated with their own growth." " He feels the need to " rethink the urban thing, and why not imagine cities without cars, without streets, where we would build around nature and not on it. "

To do this, he proposes the construction of the linear city 2.0. It will extend over 170 km in length. The Line is presented by the Saudi government as an “urbanization project that has never been seen before. "

“It is a model of urban design and livability in harmony with nature for the 21 st century and beyond. "

See you in 2050

The Line is an ambitious project. According to the Vice website, this linear city will run entirely on renewable energy. On the other hand, getting around the city will only take a few minutes.

“No matter where you are, schools and clinics will never be more than five minutes' walk away. It is expected that no trip will exceed 20 minutes ” , underline the project managers.

To bring this city of the future to life, it will take around 500 billion dollars.

The Line should see the light of day by 2050.

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