The little function that will please Google Chrome users

Google Chrome has improved a lot over time and the browser now offers functions that are all more useful than the others. This allowed it to take a definite advantage over its competitors. Google, for its part, is obviously not sleeping on its laurels and the firm continues to deploy improvements to its browser.

The latest one should interest a lot of people. It allows you to identify yourself on Chrome and save your passwords … without synchronizing your account data.

The Little Function That Will Please Google Chrome Users
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A novelty, however, aimed at the Android version of the application.

Google Chrome will make it easier for you to connect to Android

If you are not used to Chrome, then you may not be aware that the browser allows for several versions to synchronize your account and data on multiple devices.

This function will always be present on the next version of the Android application, but it will not necessarily be necessary to use it to connect.

As Google announces itself , Chrome will indeed give us a little more flexibility. It will thus be possible to connect to your account without using synchronization. Better yet, the browser will even be able to trace the accounts configured on the terminal used to save us even more time.

The little function that will please Google Chrome users
Chrome will soon offer more flexibility for accounts

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Simpler payments

This idea will also be found in the means of payment. Once again, to save us time, Chrome will be able to automatically fill in the fields devoted to payments with the card information associated with our Google account.

All we will then have to do is enter the CVC of the card to initiate the payment. And in the event that you have a new card to configure, it will be quite possible to do so without leaving the window open.

The little function that will please Google Chrome users
You can finally choose where to store your passwords

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Simplified password management

Google Chrome has been including a password manager for a while now. Not content with storing the passwords entered in the browser, it can also offer us unique and complex passwords with one click.

Again, Google wants to make this feature more accessible by decoupling it from account sync features. When you want to save a new password, Chrome will offer you to store it in the cloud or directly on the device.

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