The Mac Mini is back, with a new architecture

The Mac Mini was one of the Apple firm's forgotten ones, but it's now history. Apple has indeed just lifted the veil on a new, much more efficient model… and equipped with a new architecture.

True to form, Apple has not been stingy with compliments. Thinner, lighter, more powerful, the new generation Mac Mini marks a real breakthrough in the range and it is obviously difficult to be surprised since the previous model is four years old.

The Mac Mini Is Back With A New Architecture

The fact remains that this new Mac Mini clearly does not lack charm.

The Mac Mini is back!

Apple has not completely put away its recipe. The Mac Mini therefore inherits a rectangular aluminum frame, a frame a little thinner than that of the previous model. Money is also slipping away in favor of a beautiful space gray.

Inside, everything changes. The machine will natively integrate a chip composed of 4 cores, but the most powerful models will reach the six cores. All with a maximum of 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD storage.

Like the MacBook Air, the Mac Mini also incorporates a T2 chip. The latter will be used in particular for encoding videos, in order to speed up the process.

A stackable mini-computer

The connection is rather complete. The machine indeed embeds a Gigabit Ethernet and four Thunderbolt 3 in USB Type-C format, with two USB-A ports as a bonus. But the most interesting is yet to come, because it will also be possible to stack Mac Minis to increase their computing power and thus give life to a computing farm. Apple does not seem to impose any limits on this side.

The price will of course depend on the model chosen. The cheapest version will indeed be offered at $ 799. Unfortunately, we do not yet know the prices in euros. Available for pre-order now, the Mac Mini will be released on November 7th.

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