The Mac Mini is not (yet) dead

The Mac Mini has not been updated in three years, but the machine is not yet dead, and this is exactly what Tim Cook responded to an email from a fan worried earlier in the week.

The very first version of this desktop computer unlike any other hit the market in 2005 and was a sensation at the time because of its contained dimensions. Subsequently, the manufacturer brought his machine up to date several times, but the last update dates back to October 2014.

The Mac Mini Is Not Yet Dead

Apple had also kept to the strict minimum since the firm had contented itself with changing the cover of the machine and soldering its RAM to its motherboard while replacing the FireWire ports with a second port doped this time with Thunderbolt 2.0.

The Mac Mini is not doomed

The Mac Mini has not changed a bit since this update and many fans are therefore wondering if the machine is not doomed to disappear from the catalog of the Californian giant. Krar is one of them.

Listening only to his courage, our ordinary hero therefore took his most beautiful pen and sent an email to Tim Cook to ask him the question directly. Against all expectations, the boss of the company answered him and he insisted on being rather reassuring:

“I'm glad you like the Mac Mini. We love it too. Our customers have found so many creative and interesting ways to use it. Although it's not yet time to talk about it in detail, the Mac Mini will have an important place in our future product line. ”

When Tim Cook tries to reassure his flock

Contrary to what many assumed, the Mac Mini is therefore not doomed and Apple should even give us a new version in the near future.

When? How? 'Or' What ? To what extent? No one knows, but Apple may have its work cut out for it. The Mac Mini is no longer just used as a desktop computer and some have turned it into a server or even a media center. If the manufacturer really wants to give it a new lease of life, he will necessarily have to take these different uses into account and thus produce a machine that is both modular and flexible.

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