The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, future AirPower?

Apple files hundreds of patents each year. Most of them go unnoticed. However, sometimes a patent ends up in the limelight. This is precisely the case here.

Patently Apple , whose experts spend most of their time digging through the databases of UPSTO and other specialized organizations, has indeed got hold of a document describing a technology that is at least original.

The Macbook Air And Macbook Pro Future Airpower
Is using your MacBook Air as a wireless charging station a good idea?

A technology having the effect of transforming a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro… into a wireless charging station.

A MacBook to charge your iPhone wirelessly?

And there, normally, the first name that should come to mind is that of AirPower. Logic. Presented alongside the iPhone X, this charging station was supposed to revolutionize the way we use our mobile devices by allowing us to charge them simultaneously.

Apple had also gone far enough since the mat was supposed to work with no less than three different devices: an iPhone, an Apple Watch and AirPods.

The rest of the story, you know it. The project was postponed several times before being canceled . And if Apple has never been clear on the matter, many sources have reported annoying overheating issues.

However, in this patent, it is not a simple carpet in question, but a complete computer. The idea, at the base, would be quite simple and it would thus be a question of placing in the chassis of a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro coils capable of recharging devices such as an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

An original patent

The user, for his part, would therefore only have to put his watch or his phone on his computer after having closed his cover to restore color.

There is more, however. One of the visuals in the patent also shows an iPhone and an Apple Watch charging as they sit… on either side of a Mac's touchpad. It would therefore also be possible to charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch while continuing to use your MacBook.

Whether such a feature would really be useful is a whole different debate.

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