The MacBook Air would also have a keyboard problem

Apple has faced many stuck key issues with butterfly keyboards on MacBook and MacBook Pro models dating from 2016. To prevent this problem from happening again, the Cupertino company has added a protective membrane to the butterfly keyboards of the MacBook Air 2018 to prevent dust from interfering with the proper functioning of their keys. Unfortunately, this initiative seems insufficient.

In a video, Lewis Hilsenteger of the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel shows us one of the frequently encountered problems with the butterfly keyboards of the MacBook Air 2018.

The MacBook Air would also have a keyboard problem

Recall that the MacBook Air 2018 incorporates the third generation butterfly keyboard which is also used on the MacBook Pro 2018. Its Touch ID fingerprint sensor is placed at the top right of the keyboard. And finally, the latter has a 20% more spacious trackpad with the support of Force Touch technology.

A typical problem with MacBook Air keyboards

The membrane that is supposed to protect the keys of butterfly keyboards from dust is obviously not very effective.

In his video, Lewis Hilsenteger shows us that Apple has yet to fix its keyboard issues with the 2018 MacBook generation.

In the case of the Youtubeur, it is the “E” key that poses a problem. Sometimes, a simple keystroke would suffice to make the letter appear several times. And sometimes the key just wouldn't respond.

Several users are affected by this type of problem

It looks like Lewis Hilsenteger isn't the only user experiencing issues with his butterfly keyboard. Indeed, by viewing the YouTuber's video, many Internet users have also complained about this.

Some users would even have had to replace their keyboard several times, a rather complex operation since it requires the replacement of the entire top case.

Fortunately, the after-sales service of the Cupertino company supports the repair of the keyboards for four years from the date of purchase of the product. However, the MacBook Air is not yet on the list of devices eligible for the program.

However, Apple should not hesitate to integrate it into its program if ever complaints from MacBook Air users were to increase in the future.

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