The MagSafe of iPhone 12, a danger for people with Pacemakers?

The iPhone 12 brings a lot of notable new features. One of them relates to MagSafe technology. The new smartphones from Apple are indeed equipped with magnets and it is therefore possible to stick a wireless charging station or even a card holder.

When the feature was first introduced, many pointed out that magnets could potentially be a problem for people with a Pacemaker.

The MagSafe of iPhone 12, a danger for people with Pacemakers?

For its part, Apple explains in its FAQ that if the iPhone 12 contains more magnets than the previous models, they should not normally present a higher risk of magnetic interference with medical devices.

An iPhone 12 would have led to the shutdown of a Pacemaker

The Heart Rhythm Journal does n't seem to think quite the same .

As 9to5Mac reports, the journal recently published a study in which it argues that MagSafe technology could potentially disable Pacemakers. In reality, the conditional is not necessarily appropriate here since the researchers behind the study were able to see the facts with their own eyes.

During the test, they indeed succeeded in deactivating a pacemaker of the Medtronic brand by simply approaching an iPhone 12 of it.

Fatal attraction

In itself, this is not very surprising. People equipped with a Pacemaker know that they must avoid certain situations. As a general rule, it is therefore recommended not to wear a telephone close to the chest, to avoid induction hobs and not to park next to the anti-theft hoops in stores.

More generally, an implanted person must therefore make sure to stay away from magnets to prevent their pacemaker from reacting or becoming disturbed.

In this specific case, however, Apple does indicate in its FAQ that the iPhone 12s are not supposed to have any more effect on the Pacemakers than the previous models. Faced with these uncertainties, it would therefore be relevant to organize new studies on a larger scale and with more Pacemaker models. But in the meantime, it will probably be better to keep your iPhone 12 away from implanted people.