The new MacBook Air won't be entirely silent

Presented this Tuesday by Apple , the new MacBook Air is blowing a breath of delectable freshness over a range that has been hovering for a few years. But during its Keynote, the apple brand did not expand on the fact that this breeze would not be the only one emanating from this new model.

The most attentive will probably have noticed that, unlike its cousin the MacBook, the new MacBook Air will not benefit from a fully fanless configuration . Understand by this that a dissipation system armed with a fan (visible on some visuals unveiled by Apple during its conference) will be responsible for dissipating the heat produced by the integrated eighth-generation Core i5 terminal, unlike the MacBook which, he is satisfied with a passive dissipation system – and therefore completely silent. Why the hell did Apple make this decision? The answer is, in particular, to be found on the side of the thermal envelope (TDP) of this new processor.

The new MacBook Air won't be entirely silent

Apple has chosen an eighth-generation Core i5 for its new MacBook Air, which will likely be (a little) more capable than the MacBook, but at the cost of a fan-powered configuration.

Indeed, if the eighth generation Intel chip chosen by Apple for its new MacBook Air fits well in the family of ultra low consumption processors of the founder of Santa Clara, the latter displays a TDP slightly higher than that of the seventh generation Core i5s. employees on the MacBook 2017. A quick tour of the data sheets of the two chips is enough to be convinced. The i5-8210Y that equips the MacBook Air 2018 has a TDP of 7 Watts, against only 4.5 Watts on the i5-7Y54 of the MacBook 2017.

A slightly more efficient processor, and increased endurance … at least according to Apple

If future users of the revisited MacBook Air will certainly have to put up with a slight blast from the fan during use of Apple's latest product, the terminal has not lost on the change with its brand new i5. In terms of strict performance, the MacBook Air should slightly outperform the MacBook (new generation of processors requires), while enjoying a more solid autonomy according to Apple.

During its Keynote, the brand notably announced that the device would be able to hold up to 13 hours of video playback in iTunes, and up to 12 hours of web browsing. On paper, it's a little more than the 13-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro, which for its part benefit from a more powerful Core i5-7360U , but also much more energy-intensive (we go here to 15 Watts of TDP ).

As a reminder, the MacBook Air is already available for pre-order. It will be marketed from November 7 from $ 1199.

Illustration credit: Apple Conference

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