The new Twitter interface not right for you? Change it!

Twitter has deployed its new interface this morning on all accounts and it is not really unanimous. Too bright, too minimalist, too white, it may not be to your liking and it is not dramatic because it is perfectly possible to change and embellish it with a few clicks of the mouse. How? 'Or' What ? By going through a dedicated extension, and relying on a simple script.

Twitter's new interface is at odds with the old one and goes from a dark atmosphere to a charter so clear that it becomes almost aggressive. Mind you, the silver lining is that it is sure to pull you out of your torpor. However, if it makes your eyes bleed, you might want to change it.

The New Twitter Interface Not Right For You Change It

To do so, it is not necessarily very complicated since we are going to rely on a dedicated extension that some of you probably already know, namely… Stylish . Its operation is quite simple since it simply allows you to modify the appearance of any site in a few seconds, and by loading the CSS file of your choice.

And if you want to do the same for Twitter, just follow these steps:

  • Install Stylish on Chrome , Safari or Firefox .
  • Click on the extension icon in the toolbar of your browser.
  • Click on the “Manage installed styles” link.
  • A page will open in a new tab.
  • Click the “Create New Style” button. It is located on the left.
  • Give your new style a name.
  • Open a new tab.
  • Go to this Github .
  • Select the script, and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Go back to the Stylish tab.
  • Paste the script in the right field.
  • Click the "Specify" button located in the "Applies to" box.
  • Check that the drop-down list is correctly positioned on the “URL” option.
  • Enter “” in the field to the right of it.
  • Click the "Save" button located on the left.
  • Return to
  • Refresh the page.

And it's over. If the magic doesn't work, then you may need to manually clear your browser cache and refresh the tab again. Otherwise, know that Stylish includes a lot of themes for (and other sites). If the script mentioned above is not to your liking, you can go to this page to get more. Even if you dig deep, you will find a theme inspired by… Justin Bieber.

Technology is beautiful, isn't it?


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