The Oculus Quest at 250 €, virtual reality finally accessible

Boulanger is currently offering an attractive discount on the Oculus Quest VR headset. The 128 GB version is indeed offered at a price of 250.41 €, a reduction of 54% on the displayed price .

The product is of course sold new and it comes with a two-year warranty as always. Shipping costs are free, but you can also pick up the product in store if you prefer.

The Oculus Quest At 250 E Virtual Reality Finally Accessible
The Oculus Quest in action

Be careful, stocks are very limited and this promo seems to be going well since there are only a few products left in store.

The Oculus Quest at a knockdown price

The Oculus Quest has little to do with an HTC Vive or even the other VR headsets in the Oculus catalog. Indeed, it does not aim for power, but for freedom of movement.

Unlike its competitors, the Quest is indeed completely autonomous and it will therefore not require a PC or smartphone to operate. It is entirely self-sufficient and it is also devoid of wires and cables.

The visor thus incorporates its own screen, an OLED screen capable of displaying a resolution of 1600 x 1400 with a refresh rate of 72 Hz. The storage depends on the model chosen and it ranges from 64 GB for the base model to 128 GB for the most advanced version. Be careful, however, because the 64 GB model is already out of stock and there is only the 128 GB version available.

To accompany the headset, Oculus delivers two controllers with the look of the controllers delivered with its large headsets. They will allow you to interact with your environment, which will of course reinforce the feeling of immersion.

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