The Oppo Find X3 Pro just leaked and it sends heavy

Oppo is currently preparing for its comeback. The brand should indeed unveil its new range, a range in which we can find the Find X3 Pro in particular . And guess what? Evan Blass has managed to get his hands on several renderings of the beast, renderings that really caught our eye in the editorial staff.

Oppo is therefore preparing to unveil a new range of premium smartphones, a range that should include at least two devices: the Find X3 and the Find X3 Pro.

The Oppo Find X3 Pro Just Leaked And It Sends Heavy
The Oppo Find X3 Pro looks good – credits Evan Blass

Just like last year, the second model should be the most ambitious in the range. This is precisely what emerges from the renderings and information revealed by Evan Blass earlier in the week.

The Oppo Find X3 Pro begins to reveal itself

The renderings, to begin with, augur good things in perspective, with a very neat and very premium look. Oppo has indeed endowed its phone with a beautiful curved screen, but also slightly curved metal borders.

But it is ultimately the back plate that surprises the most. The photo module is indeed similar to what the latest iPhone offers, but the part is located in the extension of the shell. The result is interesting, especially since the manufacturer has chosen to dye the bottom of the part the same color as the back plate to make it even more discreet.

The content of the module is also interesting. In addition to the flash and the hole used by the microphone, we can indeed distinguish three optics. Once again, the Oppo Find X3 Pro will therefore allow you to switch between three different focal lengths. On the other hand, it will ignore the periscope zoom.

But a fourth sensor is also visible, a sensor that does not look like a laser autofocus and that seems to be equipped with optics.

An extraordinary photo module

There's more. The optic which is completely on the left is surrounded by a ring, a ring which should have the same functions as that of a lamp. Several observers agree in fact that the Find X3 Pro will be equipped with a new generation macro optic, an optic offering a greater magnification than its competitors. Some even mention a 25x magnification.

The other two sensors will not make up either. They should both reach 50 million pixels of definition and come with a wide angle and an ultra wide angle. According to the little information we have, these two sensors would be provided by Sony, but we still do not know anything about them since they have not been officially presented by the company.

As for the last sensor, it would reach 13 million pixels of definition and it would be accompanied by a 3x optical zoom.

The Find X3 Pro will obviously not focus on the photo. Evan Blass expects the device to be equipped with a 6.7-inch 10-bit screen, a screen capable of achieving a refresh rate of 120 Hz. All with a Snapdragon 888 and a battery 4500mAh compatible with 65W fast charging and 30W wireless charging.

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