The PixelBook 2 shows itself through a rendering

The PixelBook 2 has just appeared on the Web through some images that we found on the high-tech news blog Gizchina . This leak allows us today to talk about the design of the product that the internet giant is supposed to unveil in less than three weeks.

Google will present the products it has developed internally on October 9th. The firm has planned to organize an event on this date that will take place in New York. Many new features are expected, to name only the Pixel 3 and 3XL smartphones, the new Pixel Buds or even the PixelBook 2. It should be noted that the existence of the latter had been confirmed by the Chromium code. According to this code, Google is in fact preparing two Chromebooks for the year 2018. Today, we have the first renderings of the PixelBook 2. Something to arouse the curiosity of followers.

The Pixelbook 2 Shows Itself Through A Rendering

The discovery that had previously been made in the Chromium code suggested the number one search engine's intention to release a Chrome OS tablet with the codename "Nocturne". And it finally seems that it could be the PixelBook 2 which is shown today in photos.

A vastly improved design

To say the least, compared to the first-generation PixelBook that was unveiled by Google in October 2017, the PixelBook 2 appears to have received a complete overhaul in terms of design and configuration. , and this, although we do not yet have the slightest clue about the technical characteristics.

According to Kevin C. Tofel, "the organization of the elements of this tablet aligns perfectly with the previous leaks concerning Nocturne" . This is particularly the case for the location of the fingerprint reader which is located at the top left.

A detachable keyboard

Although we can see in the photo that the device has a keyboard, you should know that it is undoubtedly an accessory that can be detached. The leak that we are talking about in this article could also be attributed to a source which wishes to highlight the accessory designed by Brydge for tablets powered by Chromes OS. In any case, the keyboard seems to clip easily onto the PixelBook 2.

The Pixelbook 2 Shows Itself Through A Rendering 1

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