The PlayStation 5 is now available in black thanks to a collective of modders

The PlayStation 5 has been the subject of a lot of criticism since its launch and most of it, ultimately, has to do with its bugs and design. For the first, nothing complicated, it will be enough to wait and wait for the deployment of the firmware updates of the console. On the other hand, for the second, it is a little more complicated.

It's complicated because, at the moment, the PlayStation 5 is offered in one and only one color: white.

The Playstation 5 Is Now Available In Black Thanks To A Collective Of Modders
The PlayStation 5 in black – credits SUP3R5

A color that does not really go unnoticed and that does not make the console – already imposing – very discreet.

A black PlayStation 5 that comes at a high price

Sony, for its part, has softly mentioned new colors, without giving precise information.

For a while, we all thought we had found a solution through the PlateStation 5 store . A shop which offered Internet users the opportunity to acquire new plates for their console. Unfortunately for us, Sony's lawyers didn't hear it, and the store was forced to put its offering on hold to avoid legal action.

Dbrand, the sticker specialist, eventually took over , but there are still many gray areas. The company is not yet accepting orders and it is therefore unknown when these famous plates will be available.

Faced with the situation, the collective of modders SUP3R5 therefore decided to act and take the bull by the horns… by selling their own black PlayStation 5s. Reservations will open on January 8, but you will have to put your hand in the wallet.

Custom PS5s that pay a heavy price

These customized versions of the Sony console will indeed not be given away and they will be offered from $ 649. To put this figure in perspective, it may be useful to remember that the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is trading in the United States around $ 399.

A price revised upwards, therefore, but this is explained quite simply.

The PlayStation 5 modified by our modders were indeed bought at a high price. They didn't get any rebates from Sony. And of course, behind, they still had to be personalized. The plates were thus dyed in a mat black, the same for the body of the console. As a bonus, the creators of SUP3R5 have also taken the PlayStation logo to color it the same color as that of the PlayStation 2.

In the end, they therefore spent hours on these custom versions, hours that they had to invoice well.

If the initiative is not lacking in interest, one can however wonder if Sony's lawyers will stand idly by. In the meantime, if you already have a PlayStation 5, then know that the collective also sells custom DualSense controllers, at $ 99 each.

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