The QCY T5 at 14 €, TW wireless headphones with a quality / price ratio that is difficult to attack

Gearbest has thought of those who dream of being able to buy TW wireless headphones, but who do not necessarily have the means to buy the mainstream models offered on the usual stores. The brand has indeed launched a nice reduction on the QCY T5 , headphones that will cost you € 14.23 with the code QCYT5TWS .

The headphones are of course sold new, with all their original accessories. Shipments will be from China, with delivery between 15 and 28 days. Here, everything will depend on the chosen shipping formula.

The Qcy T5 At 14 E Tw Wireless Headphones With A Quality Price Ratio That Is Difficult To Attack
The QCY T5, nice wireless headphones

Stocks are of course limited and the coupon set up will only work with the first coins.

QCY T5 at smashed prices

Admittedly, despite their selling price, the QCY T5s are not lacking in charm.

Their storage box, for starters, is compact and lightweight. It will be quite possible to slip it to the bottom of your pocket and thus keep your headphones everywhere with you. The ear cups are also light and they are a bit like what Airpods offer. They are indeed provided with a rod which goes downwards.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the QCY T5 adopt Bluetooth 5.0, for a more stable signal, and they also offer a gaming mode which will have the effect of reducing latency. QCY thus evokes a latency of 65 ms in this mode, which remains suitable.

The T5s are also AAC compatible and benefit from a gesture-based control system. It will therefore suffice to stroke their rod to interact with them. We will also appreciate the sound insulation system put in place, a system that will allow us to gain clarity during our calls. The T5s are indeed equipped with microphones.

The offer is therefore solid and the quality / price ratio remains attractive. Few headphones indeed offer so much for such a price.

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