The robot vacuum cleaner accessible with the VIOMI SE at 251 € and shipping from Europe

If you are fed up with the chore of vacuuming, then here's an offer that should interest you. The VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner is offered at the price of 251.10 € at Gearbest , with the bonus of direct shipping from Germany and therefore from Europe.

A detail that is important since the robot will arrive at the same time much faster at your place. In addition, no customs fees will be to worry about, which is rather good news.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessible With The Viomi Se At 251 E And Shipping From Europe
The VIOMI SE, a vacuum robot that will save you time

The promo should normally last 9 days, but everything will obviously depend on the stocks in the possession of the sign.

The VIOMI SE at a knockdown price

The VIOMI SE may have a name – let's say a little questionable – it is nonetheless a very good alternative on the robot vacuum market.

The format does not change. The robot therefore inherits a round case and it is of course mounted on a wheel, with brushes that will allow it to group and collect dust as well as everything lying around on the ground.

Interestingly, the robot is also equipped with a water tank and it will also be able to pass the mop.

Nothing to say about the suction power. It reaches 2200 Pa and will therefore be equivalent to that of a traditional vacuum cleaner. The noise will rise at its loudest at 72 dB and the robot will be able to work between 90 and 120 minutes on a single charge.

The application is complete and it will allow you to define virtual walls and places where not to go. You can also set working hours and ask him, for example, to clean the living room in the morning, the kitchen at noon and the living room in the evening. The VIOMI SE also incorporates sensors that will allow it to avoid obstacles and an LDS to help it better understand its environment. In all, no less than 12 sensors are on board.

And of course, thanks to its AI, it will also be able to optimize its movements in order to be more efficient.

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