The Social API will disappear from Firefox

It was with version 17 of Firefox that we discovered the Social API, a set of functions that allow different services to offer some of their functionality directly from the browser. Facebook was the first to set an example with Messenger for Firefox, to integrate its chat tool in Firefox in particular.

Mozilla finally decided that the Social API should not stay: Firefox 50 will be the last version to keep it in its entirety. From the fiftieth version of the browser, only one function will be available.

The Social Api Will Disappear From Firefox

Firefox will separate from the Social API

What to do cleaning in the functions of Firefox.

Firefox will not keep all the Social API

A few days ago we mentioned the disappearance of Firefox Hello , which will come back as an add-on. Regarding the Social API, however, we should not count on such a return.

Indeed, Mozilla has decided to deprecate most of the functions of the Social API for a good reason: there are not enough users to justify its retention.

So the chat window of this Social API is only used by Firefox Hello. With Firefox Hello which disappears from the browser, we therefore obtain zero users. This is also the number of users who use the statuses. Finally, the Social API sidebar has very few users.

In reality, only one feature of the Social API has a good user base, and it will therefore be the only one that will be kept: link sharing, which allows a web page to be shared on social networks, or by others. media like emails, with just one click.

In summary, the Social API is not going to be missed by many. It's quite the opposite: with so few users, the right decision for Mozilla was to remove it, to relieve Firefox of unused functionality.

As usual, this deletion will first affect the Nightly version of the browser, and then be reflected on Firefox Developer Edition and, finally, on the stable version of the browser whose users will download version 51 without the Social API or, more precisely , without almost all of the Social API.

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