The Suicide Squad: actor Joel Kinnaman confirms it will be “very stupid”

Present in the first Suicide Squad , actor Joel Kinnaman recently declared that The Suicide Squad , where he will reprise his role as Colonel Flag, was going to be a mix between a sequel and a “reboot”. And he warned that we will have to expect something “very stupid” .

You probably know the song: when you are invited to promote this or that work, you are inevitably asked about a subject that your interlocutor considers just as crisp. Joel Kinnaman is currently playing Brothers by Blood in the US . But he will also be from The Suicide Squad . Do you see the sequel coming?

The Suicide Squad: actor Joel Kinnaman confirms it will be “very stupid”

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Yes, in a podcast of The Playlist , the actor was asked to talk about The Suicide Squad , but also about the new cut of the first Suicide Squad by David Ayer. A “Cut” that our friend Joel apparently burns to watch: “You know, you always want to see the director's cut . It's always a shame when the director's vision doesn't make it to the movies. Of course, there will always be compromises. I find that the larger the budget, the greater the compromise. Usually it is. ”

Kinnaman thinks Suicide Squad's “Ayer Cut” would be “much more interesting”

The interpreter of Colonel Rick Flag expects a better show than the one broadcast so far:

“I'm sure [David Ayer's cut] would be a lot more interesting. David's take on the Joker was really interesting and it didn't really show up in the movie we saw ” .

Now, let those who expected James Gunn to make The Suicide Squad darker than the original mourn their hopes:

“With James Gunn it's a whole new world. It is something completely different. We all started off with a blank slate… It doesn't feel like we're doing a sequel, in any way. It's kind of a reboot. Something in between. ”

“I don't think [Gunn] must have compromised a single iota of his vision. He really did exactly what he wanted. And it will undoubtedly be the biggest budget ever for a film rated R [Editor's note: under 17s must be accompanied by an adult]. And he's heavily R rated and very stupid. There is really a childish, childish humor, and there are also those deep moments where you are really moved. And then it becomes super violent and really silly again… Each character is so ridiculous ” .

A conclusion that speaks for itself, right? Let us at least remember that we are expecting The Suicide Squad for early August.

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