The Super Nintendo World amusement park offers a virtual tour

Failing to be able to travel to Japan, the COVID-19 epidemic requires, it will be necessary to take advantage of the new amusement park to come Super Nintendo World through large-scale social distancing.

Nintendo has thus put online the official site for its new big project outside the beaten track of video games, allowing Internet users to explore the various activities and play areas that will await the luckiest Japanese.

The Super Nintendo World amusement park offers a virtual tour

Credit: Nintendo / Universal Studios Japan

Don't expect a host of different attractions for this Mario and Company-stamped park – there are 3 on the site for now, the majority taking place in roller coaster-style vehicles; Super Nintendo World also relies on global interactivity through Bowser Jr.'s journey, taking advantage of the “Power Up” bracelet and the official smartphone app. One thing is certain, however: the Kyoto firm has bet heavily on the rendering of the environment that could not be more faithful to the world of the mustached plumber.

The biggest attraction is undoubtedly the (fake) Bowser Challenge kart race taking place in the castle of Mario's famous nemesis – with great reinforcements of augmented reality projections, this piece of work In a much calmer style, we find the Yoshi Adventure – an egg hunt in vehicles in the shape of the little green dinosaur, the country walk contrasts sharply with the organized chaos of the Karting next door.

The call of the stomach

As for the greediest eager to salivate over the dishes of the local restaurant, the site has everything planned. Soberly named Kinopio Café – after the official name of Toad in Japanese version – the latter is full of dishes revolving around the theme of Mario and the Mushroom kingdom.

In addition, we will find the Mario Burger with bacon and cheese and its little headgear in the last detail (some would say that the cap gives the impression of committing an act of cannibalism, but let's move on), the deconstructed pizza with mushrooms in its small bowl with the effigy of 1UP or the tiramisu taking the form of the block “? Last temptation, the snack stand with Yoshi dressing and its calzone in the shape of a Koopa shell filled with yakisoba noodles and cheese …

The opening of Super Nintendo World is still scheduled for February 7 at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

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