The Surface Go is also impossible to repair yourself

With its Surface Go , Microsoft unveiled last July a convertible tablet attractive in many ways. For 450 euros, the device offers almost everything that a mobile terminal in the Surface range can offer … even the disadvantages that go with it, if we are to believe iFixit. As stubborn as ever, the site's technicians (specializing in disassembling electronic devices and creating tutorials for repairing them) held out and managed to completely dismantle Microsoft's latest creation. A real obstacle course detailed step by step in an article published for the occasion.

The Surface Go finally receives a score of 1 out of 10 in terms of repairability. It is (almost) as bad as the rating obtained by the Surface Laptop in its day. Dismantled last year by iFixit, the first 100% Microsoft laptop, for its part, obtained a score of 0 out of 10.

The Surface Go is also impossible to repair yourself

The Americans at iFixit took apart Microsoft's latest creation, and unsurprisingly, the Surface Go is impossible to repair on its own. It won a repairability score of 1 in 10 on the site.

The Redmond firm therefore remains faithful to its habits in this area with its new “Low Cost” Surface. The latest devices in the line are a pain to take apart, often proving very difficult, if not impossible, to repair – and the Surface Go is unfortunately no exception.

Can't do anything without disassembling the screen

Main problem pointed out by iFixit, the disassembly of a Surface Go will invariably have to start with that of the IPS panel that equips the tablet. All the components are in fact contained in a frame hermetically sealed by the screen, which here practically acts as a “cover”.

Once the slab has been removed (a delicate operation which can cause it to break), access to the components is painful. Microsoft has indeed opted for a strong use of adhesive tapes to assemble the different parts to each other. A common practice, the Surface Laptop was also described as a “ monstrosity full of glue” by iFixit last year. Here the finding is more or less in the same vein, making any disassembly operation excessively complicated and perilous.

The site also reports that by virtue of its very design, the Surface Go turns out (and this will not be a surprise to anyone) to be a very little scalable platform. Can not upgrade the processor, RAM or storage, for example. All of these components are soldered to the motherboard.

More and more frequent, this trend greatly reduces the life expectancy of the device and will force the user to replace it altogether within a few years. From there to talking about planned obsolescence, there is only one step.

As a reminder, the Surface Go will be available in France from August 28.

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