The Surface Pro 5 is coming soon!

Yusuf Mehdi , vice president of product at Microsoft, took advantage of an interview conducted by Bloomberg to drop a huge stone in the pond and thus discuss the imminent arrival of the Surface Pro 5 . Chance does things pretty well, because the Redmond firm will hold a press conference at the end of the month in Asia. The time would therefore be right to present the new hybrid machine in the range.

Panos Panay has indeed confirmed at the beginning of the week the holding of a special press conference on May 23 in Shanghai, a press conference which will focus on the Surface range.

The Surface Pro 5 Is Coming Soon

Yusuf Mehdi, for his part, told our colleagues at Bloomberg that we should expect to see an update to the famous Surface Pro 4 soon.

A Surface Pro 5 for May 23?

Taking into account the statements of the two men and assuming that the latter was presented in October 2015, we can therefore deduce that the event planned for the end of the month should focus on the next iteration of the hybrid machine. .

Especially since the timing would be right for Microsoft. The latest financial statement of the company has indeed revealed a decline in sales on the range, a drop still reaching 26%. The firm therefore has every interest in rapidly launching new products in order to reverse the trend and allow Surface to come back into the race.

But what should we expect from this new hybrid machine?

An evolution more than a revolution

If we are to believe Paul Thurrott, then the Surface Pro 5 should be in line with the previous model. It would thus inherit the same lines, the same materials and the same ergonomics, with a slightly revised technical sheet. This would include an Intel Kaby Lake generation processor and a more powerful battery, with more RAM and internal memory.

The connectivity, it should not change much and the tablet should therefore have the same power connector as the previous model. The Mini Display Port output and the microSD card reader should still be there.

What about the Surface Book 2, then? There, it's very simple, we have no news of this machine and we do not know if it will be presented before the end of the year.

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