The Teclast F5 at € 339 at Amazon, a laptop at a knockdown price

Amazon offers a nice discount on the Teclast F5 , a small laptop that has the particularity of being able to turn into a tablet. It is indeed offered at a price of 339.99 € . Be careful, however, because there will not be something for everyone.

The product is sold new, directly from the Teclast Europe store. Amazon will take care of the shipping. All the usual guarantees therefore apply to the sale.

The Teclast F5 At E 339 At Amazon A Laptop At A Knockdown Price
The Teclast F5, a small convertible laptop

The flash sale is only valid for that day, and depending on available stocks

The Teclast F5 on sale

The Teclast F5 surprises first of all with its look. Despite its attractive selling price, the manufacturer has done things well and the PC thus inherits a thin frame with a beautiful screen with contained borders.

As indicated a little above, its particularity is its hinge. It can be rotated 360 ° and it will therefore be possible to fold the top cover of the PC… onto the back of the bottom cover. And at the same time transform it into a touchscreen tablet. A tablet running Windows 10.

The technical sheet is honest and once again conceals good surprises. Like the screen, for example, which reaches a diagonal of 11.6 inches and which can display Full HD. On the processor side, Teclast has opted for an Intel Gemini Lake N4100 coupled with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD. A configuration that will suffice for office automation or site consultation, but which will quickly show its limits and which will not allow you to edit video or play games.

Which is not really a problem in the end. The Teclast F5 primarily targets people looking for a small versatile PC and will be of particular interest to students. Especially since its battery will allow it to last between 7 and 8 hours with a single charge.

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