The Ticwris GTX at 30 €, a very small price for a complete connected bracelet

Gearbest offers an attractive discount on the Ticwris GTX connected bracelet. It is indeed offered at € 30.97 , which is not expensive to pay given all the services it will provide you.

The product is as always sold new and it comes with its usual accessories. However, shipments will be from China and shipments will start on February 4. The delivery times will depend as always on the chosen formula.

The Ticwris Gtx At 30 E A Very Small Price For A Complete Connected Bracelet
The Ticwris GTX

Offer is good for the next two days, at least assuming inventory holds up.

The Ticwris GTX at a knockdown price

The Ticwris GTX therefore comes in the form of a connected bracelet that will attach to the wrist. The manufacturer has opted for a rather atypical look and the part comprising the electronics thus takes the form of a slightly rounded rectangle. The screen is also more component than on most of these devices, which will improve readability.

Here, Ticwris has indeed opted for a 1.91 inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 170.

The functions are complete. Not content with displaying notifications from your smartphone, the bracelet will also be able to keep track of your workouts. He will also be able to recognize no less than 9 different activities, such as running, walking, hiking, cycling, soccer or even basketball.

As an added bonus, you'll also get a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. The bracelet will therefore be able to listen to your heartbeat and make sure that all is well.

The platform also has the merit of being translated into a lot of languages, including French. In the end, the offer is solid, especially since we are talking about a product that is offered at only 30 €. And you will no doubt be happy to learn that the bracelet is compatible with iOS or Android, as desired.

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