The Xiaomi Air2 SE at 32 € at Amazon

Amazon has an offer that's hard to refuse. The Xiaomi Air2 SE wireless headphones are indeed priced at 32 € at the moment for the sales .

Please note, the promotion takes place in two stages. Basic, the price displayed is 33.99 €, but you will find just below a small checkbox, a box which will grant you no less than 5% reduction in addition. This will bring the price of headphones to 32 € and dust.

The Xiaomi Air2 Se At 32 E At Amazon
The Xiaomi Air2 SE are on sale at Amazon

This offer is offered as part of the sales. It can therefore be suspended at any time without notice.

Xiaomi Air2 SE at a discount

The Xiaomi Air2 SE does not change the recipe. They therefore consist of two elements: compact earbuds and a charging and storage box.

The headphones are compact and they do not fall into the family of intras. Just like the AirPods, they will thus hang inside the ear and they will not rest on the ear canal.

The ergonomics are aligned with that offered by all other products of the same type and it is thus based on a system of tapping.

The two ear cups are also independent and they can be used on their own. They also support AAC and it offers an autonomy of 5 hours with a single charge, or 20 hours taking into account the charges provided by the box.

The box is white and compact. It will be enough to be able to slip into the bottom of a pocket, which will allow you to take your headphones everywhere with you.