The Xiaomi Wowtick 1F + electric screwdriver and all its accessories at 31 €

Gearbest offers an interesting discount on the pack comprising the Xiaomi Wowstick 1F + electric screwdriver and all of its accessories: it is indeed offered at € 31.81 with the code X577C87A18912000 .

The code in question will be entered during the validation of the order, in the field dedicated to this purpose. The product is sold new and will be shipped from China with shipping starting February 1.

The Xiaomi Wowtick 1f Electric Screwdriver And All Its Accessories At 31 E
Xiaomi's precision screwdriver

As always, stocks are limited and the code implemented does not have an infinite number of activations.

The Xiaomi Wowstick 1F + on sale

If you plan to use the Wowstick 1F + to screw shelves or this type of work, then you will have to change your mind.

This is indeed not the intended use of the product. The Wowstick 1F + is primarily aimed at DIY enthusiasts and those who sometimes take electronic products apart to repair them – or even just out of curiosity.

The finishes are neat and the screwdriver is built to last. Better yet, its ergonomics are well thought out. The product has only one button and it will be enough to press on one or the other of its ends to switch from screwdriver mode to screwdriver mode.

The grip is comfortable with generous dimensions and the screwdriver is powered by AAA batteries. It will therefore not be necessary to recharge it before using it when its battery dies.

The motor, for its part, is modulated in order to avoid too violent actions. The screwdriver can therefore intervene smoothly on your devices.

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