The Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 at 44 € with shipping from Europe, no need to break the bank to stabilize your plans

The Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 is a regular at the specials and the New Year can't seem to change that. The stabilizer is once again offered at a very good price at Gearbest. It will cost you € 44.36 with the discount code V5D823B915153000 .

Better still, shipments will be from the Czech Republic and delivery times will therefore be shorter. No customs fees are to be feared either.

The Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 At 44 E With Shipping From Europe No Need To Break The Bank To Stabilize Your Plans
The Zhiyun Cinepeer

If we believe the information on its file, then the promotion in question will last 8 days. In practice, however, stocks are unlikely to hold that long. Gearbest has indeed sold more than 250 pieces.

The Zhiyun Cinepeer C1 at a knockdown price

You might expect it, but the Zhiyun Cinepeer C1 gets straight to the point for this price. No magnetic attachment, no foldable basket either, the Cinepeer C1 is simply made up of a handle, an arm mounted on motors and a basket equipped with a clamp.

That doesn't mean it doesn't deserve your interest. Very precise, the stabilizer will indeed be able to suppress most of your tremors and it will therefore allow you to shoot fluid sequences with your smartphone, even in subject tracking.

Another important detail, the gimbal can also pivot on itself to keep the phone upright. If you are the type to post a lot of stories, then it will also be suitable for this use.

But that's not all. By installing the Zhiyun application, you will indeed have access to many additional modes. You can then capture timelapses or motionlapses, but also panoramas.

The handle also includes a lot of buttons, which will allow you to lock certain axes to gain flexibility.

For this price, therefore, the offer is solid and the Zhiyun Cinepeer C1 should do you a great service.

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