There are Nazi relics in the cellars of the Senate

French journalists have unearthed Nazi relics kept in the Senate, the upper house of the French Parliament. This discovery seems to have come as a surprise to the staff of the establishment, as well as to the senators. In any case, the incident turns out to be delicate for the image of the institution, which is supposed to embody austerity and righteousness.

In 1940, the German Air Force was seated in the Luxembourg Palace. The bunker that was built under the garden is a sad reminder of this dark period in history. On August 25, 1944, the Nazis left by completely disfiguring the place and leaving some furniture there, as well as other objects kept secret.

There Are Nazi Relics In The Cellars Of The Senate
Image by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay

The investigation was long and strewn with pitfalls. What is more, the result has been described as " fake" by the office of the President of the Senate. Nevertheless, The Daily has found a way to shed light on the matter.

A bust of Hitler secretly kept in the upper chamber

Among the aforementioned furniture was a German breathing apparatus, a lamp, a 2 × 3 meter Nazi flag and a 35 cm high bust of Adolph Hitler. It is the latter that makes the discovery rather strange.

This object has never been listed or mentioned since the existence of the Nazi movement, 76 years ago. Besides, he was not in the bunker, but in another part of the palace.

“The bust must have been in an office of the occupant. He always remained in reserve, he never left it. Nobody took care of it, I don't see what we can do with it. "

Damien Déchelette, current chief architect of the Senate

Offices decorated with the eagle of the 3rd Reich

Journalists also reported that staff has long worked in offices adorned with the eagle of the 3rd Reich.

“Why were these objects kept in the Senate rather than being unveiled to the general public in a historical and educational process? We do not keep a bust of Hitler in the Senate, that's insane! "

Senator (LR) Roger Karouchi

So far, the mystery remains unsolved. All of these artifacts have not yet been revealed to the public or to journalists. For the moment, we must be satisfied with the pictures and a few explanatory documents sent by the communication service of the Senate.

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