There is a funny little button hidden in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has implemented a new button in its latest version and it may be of interest to a lot of people.

Google Chrome arrived late in the web browser market, but that didn't stop it from gaining the upper hand over its competitors. A resounding success, due to both its minimalist interface and its exceptional performance.

There Is A Funny Little Button Hidden In Google Chrome

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And then, of course, there are all those little, handy, everyday functions.

A button to better control your media

In fact, while browsing through the latest version of the browser, 79 for those who might be wondering, many Internet users were surprised to discover a new button located in its toolbar.

This button is located to the right of the area used by user-installed extensions and takes the form of a musical note placed on a score. And of course, the pictogram used is not there to decorate. If you click on the button, you will indeed see a multimedia player appear representing the media being played and… several buttons used to control playback.

Three buttons appear at the bottom: a previous button, a pause / play button and a next button.

There is more interesting however. This button does not appear all the time and it will appear like this when you start playing media. Logical, but that's not all, because the button in question will then be present on each open tab and it will therefore allow you to control the associated media without necessarily having to go to the tab where it is located.

A button introduced by Chrome 79

Very concretely, this means that if you use the web version of Deezer, Soundcloud or even Spotify, then you can very well start playing your favorite playlist in a tab of your browser, and then control it from another tab. Ultimately, this multimedia player should therefore save you a lot of time.

On the other hand, and as indicated a little above, it is essential to update your browser to take advantage of it. According to our tests, this button was only integrated in version 79 and the previous versions cannot therefore take advantage of it.

There Is A Funny Little Button Hidden In Google Chrome 1

There is a funny button in Google Chrome

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