There is little chance that there is an extraterrestrial civilization hidden in Alpha Centauri

Scientists interested in alien research were recently taken aback by a beam of radio waves picked up by the Parkes Observatory in Australia. The signal appeared to come from Proxima Centauri, one of the three stars that make up the Alpha Centauri system. It has only been detected once. The source that issued it was named BLC-1 ( Breakthrough Listen Candidate 1 ).

It was an extremely crisp 982 MHz narrowband transmission. It seemed to have undergone a change in frequency, as if it came from a moving planet. According to calculations, it could be a technosignature, that is, a signal from a technological civilization. The nature of the signal and the fact that it seems to move has been the dream of many researchers.

There Is Little Chance That There Is An Extraterrestrial Civilization Hidden In Alpha Centauri
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However, further analysis has led the scientific community to rule that the signal is not an extraordinary phenomenon. This study was carried out by Amir Siraj and Professor Abraham Loeb of Harvard University.

Signals from human technology?

Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years from Earth. The system has two planets, including a gas giant and a rocky planet a little larger than Earth. The temperature of the star is lower than that of the sun, about 6000 Kelvins.

It would be unlikely that these planets could harbor any form of life. The point is that the heat of their star is not enough for them to harbor liquid water within them. In addition, it regularly ejects coronal mass, a plasma bubble that makes life impossible.

“Only human technology produces signals like these. The hardest part would be whether these came from space or from human-generated technology. "

Sofia Sheikh, a student at Pennsylvania State University and a member of the Breakthrough team leading the analysis of the BLC-1 signal

Similar demystifications

Meanwhile, the Ohio State University Radio Observatory (the Big Ear Observatory) recently received a "Wow!" 2020 ” . Ultimately, it would be a terrestrial signal from an unknown military aircraft or satellite. Note that the first signal “Wow! "Was captured August 15, 1977 by the same research center.

The first pulsar discovered in 1967 had been translated as a technosignature from an ET civilization. The signal was even called LGM (for Little Green Men ). In 1965, Russian astronomers also thought they had detected it.

In both cases, the scientists got it wrong. The signal strength was relatively high, which excluded it from the astrophysical model that was established at the time. In the end, it was only an effect of the physics of quasars.

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