this app from google which is a mainstream app on android phones

Google is not just a search engine. Over the years, the firm has woven a real web, a web made up of a wide variety of products and services. Not content with being present in the mobility or home automation market, the firm also has hundreds of different applications and services.

And some of them seem to be very popular with users, especially on Android .

This App From Google Which Is A Hit On Android
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Android Police tells us that one of Google's tools has just passed the billion downloads mark. Yes, you read that right, a billion people have downloaded it to their phones.

Clock just passed the billion downloads mark

There you must be thinking that this tool must be Gmail, Google Maps, or even maybe Google News, but it's none of them.

In reality, the application which has just crossed this symbolic threshold, even highly symbolic, is none other than … Clock.

If you don't know it yet, then know that this app is about time. It groups together in several tabs the tools that we all need. Like alarms, a timer or even a stopwatch. Thanks to it, you can therefore measure the time it will take your little one to walk around the parking lot, or even program the 10 alarm clocks you need in the morning to get out of bed.

Without forgetting, of course, this famous timer which will allow you to have al dente pasta on any occasion.

Still far from Chrome or Google Maps

You will understand that Clock is therefore very useful, and that is probably what explains why a lot of people have downloaded it to their phone.

But the question you are probably asking yourself is how does Clock stand against other Google applications?

Well here's a little comparison:

  • Clock: +1 billion downloads;
  • Google: +5 billion downloads;
  • Chrome: +5 billion downloads;
  • Google Earth: +100 million downloads;
  • Google Photos: +5 billion downloads;
  • Google News: +1 billion downloads;
  • Google Calendar: +1 billion downloads;
  • Google Maps: +5 billion downloads;
  • Phone: +500 million downloads;
  • Google Podcasts: +100 million downloads;

If Clock has not reached the point of a Chrome or Google Maps, the application is still more popular than Podcasts, Google Earth or even Telephone, to name but these tools. Which, in the latter case, is not very surprising, the manufacturers all offering their own application.

Coincidence or not, Google also announced that Google Translate had just passed the billion-install mark.

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