This button will allow you to activate Cortana in an instant

Cortana is currently available on our phones, of course, but also on our computers. It is even one of the big novelties brought by Windows 10 . Yes and if you can not do without it, then you will undoubtedly love the button imagined by Satechi. It will actually allow you to activate your assistant remotely.

The BT Cortana Button, its name, is in the form of a round button with the logo of the assistant. It is quite compact and it will be quite possible to slip it into the bottom of a pocket.

This Button Will Allow You To Activate Cortana In An Instant

This button will allow you to activate Cortana in an instant, and effortlessly.

Okay, but how does it actually work?

One button to wake Cortana

In reality, it is quite simple. The first thing to do will be to connect it to your computer or to your smartphone using its Bluetooth chip. When it's done, then all you have to do is press it to wake Cortana out of her torpor.

The assistant will then show you your maps and you can even dictate your instructions immediately.

There, you will tell me that this accessory duplicates the speech recognition function integrated into the tool. After all, what's the point of having a button if you can wake the assistant up by giving her some heartfelt “Hey Cortana”?

The answer is simple and it even fits in two words: the battery. Cortana's built-in speech recognition feature consumes power and this can be problematic when used on a laptop or even a hybrid machine.

With this button, you will be able to do without this function and it will have a positive impact on the autonomy of your terminal.

If the adventure tempts you, it's not complicated, just go to the manufacturer's site, by following this link . It will cost you $ 22.99, but note that the product is not yet available. No, and it probably won't be for a few days or weeks.


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