This Galaxy S21 Ultra will give you a good idea of what to expect

Samsung will present the new flagships of its fleet next week. Three models are thus expected: the Galaxy S21 , the Galaxy S21 + and the Galaxy S21 Ultra .

The manufacturer’s press conference will be held on January 14 and there is therefore no more than a few days to wait to find out everything about these three devices. But if the wait seems unbearable to you, if you dream of being able to stroke the metal hoop of these new high-end smartphones with your fingertips, then the latest Enoylity video should allow you to take your troubles patiently.

This Galaxy S21 Ultra Will Give You A Good Idea Of What To Expect
The Galaxy S21 Ultra as seen by Enoylity

The designer has indeed dedicated one of his latest concepts to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the result is not lacking in interest.

A fairly realistic Galaxy S21 Ultra

It does not lack interest and it finally gives us a fairly precise idea of what awaits us.

To achieve this Galaxy S21 Ultra, Enoylity has indeed relied on the most recent rumors and leaks. The phone therefore inherits a matt glass back, a back available in several colors, and a beautiful screen with contained borders. Interestingly, the curvature of the panel is not very marked and it thus seems to approach that of a Galaxy Note 20.

The arch is of course made of metal and we also find this prominent photo module. A photo module very different from what Samsung was able to offer on smartphones of previous generations. Very imposing, it is in fact placed in the continuity of the metal edges of the phone and it therefore marks a break with the sober appearance of its back plate.

A concept carried out with a master’s hand

But above all, it is the profusion of sensors present at the rear that surprises. The Galaxy S21 Ultra should indeed go quite far in this field by bringing together no less than five different sensors. In addition to the wide angle and the ultra wide angle, one should expect two telephoto lenses and a ToF sensor. This announces a great versatility behind in terms of focal length.

Note that the Galaxy S21 should not be the only new features presented during the event. Samsung could also lift the veil on Galaxy Smart Tags , accessories operating on a principle similar to that of Tiles.

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