This is how Apple Watch can make life easier for vloggers

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the best products to come out of the laboratories of the Apple brand during the last decade. A true complement to the iPhone, the small connected watch is able to cover many different needs. And it can even make life easier for vloggers when used correctly.

Apple, you know, is one of the few manufacturers to think in terms of ecosystem.

This is how Apple Watch can make life easier for vloggers
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If the brand's products are of very good quality and can even be formidable in everyday life – we are still under the spell of the MacBook Pro M1 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max – it is especially when they are used together that they reveal all their power.

Apple Watch as video feedback, it's possible

The Apple Watch is no exception to the rule, and we can even go so far as to say that it is the perfect illustration of this paradigm. And we have the example once again thanks to Jeff Roy and the tweet shared by him earlier in the week.

Some of you may have forgotten it, but Apple Watch comes with a tool that lets you control iPhone photo app remotely and from your wrist.

When the user taps on the tool icon, the photo app will automatically launch on the iPhone. It is then possible to trigger remotely with the watch and to modify some parameters such as flash, activation of live photos or even HDR.

No need to install anything

What you may not know, however, is that after launching the tool, you can also change the shooting mode on the iPhone… and switch from photo mode to video mode. The Apple Watch tool will then change its look to allow you to easily start or stop recording a video.

And by hooking your watch to your iPhone, you can even get video feedback of yourself filming yourself. So of course, the screen is not very big, but it must be recognized that this can be useful when you do not have a mirror available – or a cameraman – to know if you are in the field of the camera. .

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