This is how to assign tasks in Google Docs

Google Docs has become an indispensable tool for processing your documents online or offline. More than just a text editor, Google Docs is also a service that lets you collaborate with other people on a single project.

This tool facilitates remote work by giving you the opportunity to involve the different parts of a project in the modification or design of a document, without having to go through other services. Using Google Docs, you can assign specific tasks to your team members in a given file.

This is how to assign tasks in Google Docs

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To help you with your group work, here are the steps for assigning tasks in Google Docs.

Start by adding a comment

For those who work on a computer, you will need to go to Google Drive first. Then, you will have to open the document you are working on with other people. It should be noted that this trick works with Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides files.

If you choose a Google Docs document, you'll need to highlight some text, image, or cells. Then, you will click on the “Add a comment” icon, located to the right of the page that appears on your screen.

To access this feature more quickly, you can enter the following combinations: Ctrl + Alt + M (if you are on Windows or Chrome OS) and Cmd + Option + M (if you have macOS).

Notify your employees of the tasks assigned to them

When you have written your comment, you can then add the e-mail address of the person to whom it is addressed. To do this, the address must be preceded by "+" or "@." A suggestion bar will then appear asking if you really want to assign this task to the contact you just mentioned.

To validate your choice, all you have to do is press the “Assign” button. "

Tasks that have been assigned to your collaborators will appear on the right of your page, in the comments section with the names of the contacts to which they correspond. They will be notified of these changes by e-mail which will contain a link that will direct them to your working document.

If you or your coworkers don't receive emails, you can check your tasks by going to Google Drive. Documents that have assigned tasks will appear with numbers next to them.

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