This is how to mention someone in Google Docs

A few days ago, Google made a big change to its platform specially dedicated to professionals: G Suite will indeed definitively bow out to make way for Google Workspace. The Internet giant has announced a gradual rollout over the next few days, with a full rollout slated for late October.

This is an important and big overhaul that comes with a lot of new features that are really practical for customers and users of the service: among the most interesting new features, we can notably mention the possibility of now mentioning someone directly in Google Docs!

This is how to mention someone in Google Docs

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This is a big news when you know that before, you could only mention other users on Google Docs in the comments section.

A new simple and practical functionality

Now to directly mention someone in Google Docs, it's simple: in an official blog post, Google explains that you just have to type "@" in the document. This will drop down a menu that will allow you to link or mention one or more of your contacts directly in the document. Note that they will not receive notifications about this, unless you obviously choose to do so or to share the document in question.

Alternatively, the blog post also explains that "When another user is mentioned, you can hover over their name to get information about them and suggested actions such as adding that person to Contacts or communication by e-mail. This is the same information you see today when you hover over a user's name in another Google workspace, such as Gmail or Calendar .

Total redesign and new logos with Workspace

In addition to this new functionality of Google Docs, Google Workspace also allows to benefit from a more complementary operation between the various services of the platform, such as Gmail, Docs, Meet, Sheets, Slides or even Google Calendar. In addition, there are many practical features, such as the ability to create a new document, a new spreadsheet or even a presentation directly in a conversation on Google Chat.

Google Workspace also comes with a new visual identity, such as new logos for Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Drive or even Google Meet. Gmail's interface has also had a redesign, but this only concerns professional users of the service for now.

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