This is how to send a message to someone who is not in our WhatsApp contacts on iPhone

WhatsApp is a very useful app full of tips that many don't know exist. Although we use this messaging service on a daily basis, it contains many secrets that we have not yet discovered and which can nevertheless make our lives easier.

For example, most of the WhatsApp users on iPhone must think that it is necessary to save a person's number in their contact in order to be able to message them. Well, you will be surprised to learn that there is a way around this requirement.

This is how to send a message to someone who is not in our WhatsApp contacts on iPhone

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In an article published on August 11, 2020, the How-To Geek site shows us a tip for writing to someone who is not in our WhatsApp contacts. If you are using an iOS device, this is for you.

Use the "Shortcuts" application on iPhone

The "Shortcuts" application allows users to create shortcuts to automate certain tasks on iPhone or iPad. "Shortcuts" works with the applications already available on the device, such as the music player, the calendar or the photo gallery.

To protect users' devices, Apple has blocked the use of "Shortcuts" with third-party applications. However, if you wish, you can lift this restriction by going to settings and clicking "Allow unapproved shortcuts." "

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Download the link dedicated to the unregistered number on Safari

When you tap this option, your system will ask you if you allow it to create unapproved shortcuts on your device. Confirmation will be done by clicking on the “Authorize” box. »Once this is done, you will need to enter your code to validate the creation of these shortcuts.

You will then need to open a link titled “ WhatsApp Unsaved Number ” on Safari, from your iPhone. You will see the “Get Shortcut” button displayed. After pressing it, your smartphone will automatically redirect you to the "Shortcuts" application and ask you to "Add untrusted shortcut." "When you have clicked on this box, you will have to check in the" My shortcuts "pane that the" WhatsApp Unsaved Number "shortcut has been created on your device.

By opening it, you will type the number that you do not want to save in your contacts, with the postal code of the country to which it corresponds. Note that you will need to save the number in question without adding "+" or "(). When this step is completed, the "Shortcuts" application will automatically open WhatsApp so that you can send a message to this number.

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