This is what a prototype iPhone 12 Pro looks like

The iPhone 12 Pro has been available since the end of last year, as have its three comrades. Tested by us here , it has revealed all its secrets and so we think we know everything about it. That may be the case, but if he is talking about him again today, it is because of his prototype.

Apple, like all other manufacturers on the market, is developing several prototypes before the launch of its phones. This phase is important and it ensures that its future products meet its specifications.

This is what a prototype iPhone 12 Pro looks like

The iPhone 12 Pro has of course undergone the same treatment, and this is precisely what the two photos published by Giulio Zompetti yesterday on Twitter prove.

A leaked iPhone 12 Pro prototype

The photos in question feature what is touted as one of the prototypes developed for the iPhone 12 Pro. Fully functional, the latter does not work on iOS 14, but on SwitchBoard, a platform allowing Apple engineers to test the functions of their phones before deployment on their platform.

By carefully observing the first image, it is even possible to see some of the modules of this platform.

A darker blue and a slightly different platform

The second image shows the phone from the back. If the accompanying commentary is to be believed, then the staged variant would be the Pacific Blue. The color of the plate, on the other hand, is very different from what we know and the blue is therefore much darker. So much so that the brand's logo is almost invisible.

If these photos do not tell us anything more about the iPhone 12 Pro, they at least have the merit of opening a window on the development of the terminal. The curious should appreciate, and more generally all the people interested from near or far in the products of the firm and the telephony in general.

Remember, moreover, that a little earlier in the week, it is a prototype of Apple Watch which had also leaked through several photos published by Apple Demo. Photos showing a watch hidden behind a thick protective hard plastic shell. Some prototypes also hide the product lines to prevent leaks.

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