This is what Office Touch for Windows 10 will look like

Microsoft has had very busy news this week and the American giant has chained the announcement effects at breakneck speed. I'm thinking in particular of its partnership with Dropbox , or even the launch of the new Office mobile applications . In the lot, it was also about the touch version of the famous sequel. Yes, and guess what? A first demonstration video has just appeared on the web.

As everyone knows, Office has been available on Windows 8.x for quite some time now, but this version is not optimized for the Modern UI interface and is therefore not suitable for full touch use.

This Is What Office Touch For Windows 10 Will Look Like

The tactile version of Word. It's hard not to think about what our tablets have to offer, right?

An unforgivable oversight, which will soon be corrected. Microsoft is actually working on a new version of its suite and the latter will be entitled to an interface specially designed for our pretty hybrid machines. Only downside, to take advantage of it, you will have to wait several more months since it will not be available before the launch of Windows 10.

Ah, you're gonna have to be patient, eh.

This being the case, it seems that the project is on the right track and this is precisely what this demonstration video which appeared last night on the Neowin channel illustrates. A video that features several modules from the suite, including Word and Powerpoint. Nothing for Excel, however, and that's a shame.

Not surprisingly, this version of Office looks a lot like what we find on our tablets. That's a pretty good thing, if you ask me. Anyway, if you want to see a little more, it's not complicated, we end with the famous video mentioned at the beginning of this article.


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