This is why Apple asks not to close MacBooks while the camera is covered

Today, the methods used by hackers to try to invade our privacy are constantly evolving and no electronic device is immune. It is therefore understandable that more and more people are covering the camera of their laptops when it is not in use.

However, it can damage MacBooks, as Apple recently reported . Indeed, the Apple firm has recommended MacBook users remove any cover from the built-in camera when closing their laptops.

This is why Apple asks not to close MacBooks while the camera is covered

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To explain the reason for this recommendation, an Apple technician, who wished to remain anonymous, tells us more. According to the latter, if the thickness of this cover exceeds 0.1 millimeter, it will surely cause the MacBook screen to crack, if the camera cover is not removed before closing the laptop.

Apple has already warned its consumers about the use of camera covers

It is important to specify that the manufacturer did not say that the use of camera cover is prohibited. Rather, the company asked to remove any device of this kind, before closing any MacBook.

But despite the caveat, many users apparently continue to do so, which often ends in disaster. By closing a MacBook while something is still hiding the camera, significant screen damage is highly likely, as the gap between the screen and the section with the keyboard is particularly thin.

According to the technician's report, the damage caused by such a device is very distinctive. Indeed, the resulting degradation leaves a white line that shines in the middle of the screen.

To prevent this from happening, it is therefore strongly recommended that those who use a MacBook, especially the newer versions, follow Apple's advice.

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Even without a camera cover, Macbook users have nothing to worry about

In order to take full advantage of the features of MacBooks, Apple recommends that you do not use this kind of accessory.

Indeed, according to the firm, the fact of using it could disrupt the operation of the ambient light sensor. In addition, some features, such as True Tone or automatic brightness adjustment, may not work properly.

So that Macbook owners are reassured, Apple said that the indicator of the integrated camera is a sure indicator, to see if it is activated or not. While the LED is green when the camera is on, when it is off, so is the camera. Apple therefore emphasizes that the reliability of its system is guaranteed.

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