This is why it is better to deactivate the location on Telegram

Is WhatsApp's reign about to end? In view of the current situation, this question seems legitimate. Indeed, for some time now, many users are migrating to Telegram. They are particularly concerned about the new personal data management policy that WhatsApp will apply on February 8, 2021 .

The instant messaging service asks its users located outside of Europe to share more private data with Facebook partners. At the moment, more and more people are turning to WhatsApp alternatives. This is not to displease Telegram which clearly benefits from it.

This is why it is better to deactivate the location on Telegram
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Faced with growing interest in WhatsApp's competitor, social media specialist Emma Sadlier has sounded the alarm. According to her, Telegram is not a safe place for children.

Easily accessible pornographic content

Emma Sadlier told The Times Live columns that parents whose children use Telegram should make sure their location is turned off. It might sound strange, but it turns out she's right. Emma Sadlier has in fact discovered that activating this feature could expose young people to pornographic content.

“I investigated this and in just a minute I received porn. If you go to Telegram and click on the option to see people who are near you, you will see groups and if you enter any of them you will find porn. It's the same for most groups. This feature is disabled if you turn off your location, ” she wrote on Twitter.

Use parental controls

Emma Sadlier gave advice to parents who want to protect their children from this kind of content. She says turning off location isn't enough.

“The problem with kids is that they can turn it back on when you're not watching them,” she said.

The most effective solution is to set up parental controls.

“You have to make sure there is a parental control option that prevents them from turning on location. "

If that still doesn't work, Emma Sadlier offered a more drastic solution: “You can also ban them from going to Telegram. "

Let's just hope it works with the strong heads.