This is why some people can “hear” the voice of the dead

Seers and mediums claim to be able to communicate with beings beyond. Their "gift" has long been the subject of enormous debate. Some believe that these are just charlatans who take advantage of people's gullibility. Others think they can really come into contact with the dead.

Over the years, many researchers have sought to unravel the mystery of these individuals like no other. Recently, a team of scientists from Durham University (UK) took on this difficult task. Through a study published in the journal "Mental Health, Religion and Culture", they explained why some people can "hear" the voices of the dead.

This Is Why Some People Can Hear The Voice Of The Dead
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According to experts, these individuals have particular predispositions .

More sensitive people?

This study made it possible to learn more about the mediums who claim to be "clairaudient", that is to say who have the psychic capacity to enter noises, sounds or words from another dimension. Research by scientists has shown that they have a higher level of "absorption". This means that mediums have an easier time fully immersing themselves in mental or imaginative activities.

On the other hand, they would be more sensitive to auditory hallucinations. What is more, they would have experienced unusual hearing phenomena from an early age. The researchers believe the results of this study will help them understand why some people with hearing experiences are considered spiritualists or seers and why other individuals with the same experiences are diagnosed with mental illnesses, such as hearing loss. schizophrenia.

Strong beliefs in the paranormal

This study was conducted on 65 clairaudient mediums, members of the National Union of Spiritualists of the United Kingdom, and 143 ordinary people who were recruited on social networks. The results revealed that 44.6% of spiritualists hear voices daily. Most of them say they hear voices in their heads, while 31.7% say some of the voices they hear are from outside.

Researchers have found that spiritualists are more inclined to believe in the paranormal and care less about what people think of them, compared to the rest of the population. For them, hearing the voice of the dead would therefore not be the result of social pressure, a positive social context or suggestibility due to belief in the paranormal. In fact, it would just be the result of their personal experience.

“For our participants, the principles of spiritualism seem to give meaning to the extraordinary experiences they had during their childhood and the frequent auditory phenomena they experience as mediums. "

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