This is why you should not insult your teachers on Instagram

If you think of insulting one of your teachers on Instagram, this story should put you off. In the city of Rodez, in Aveyron, a young high school student was expelled from Foch high school for insulting her teacher on Instagram. This information was relayed by our colleagues from La Dépêche.

The latter's dismissal led to a demonstration in front of the school. A hundred students met on January 19, 2021 at Foch high school to challenge the management's decision. They believe that this sanction is disproportionate.

This is why you should not insult your teachers on Instagram
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Unfortunately for this high school student, there is little chance that the school administration will reverse its decision.

A discussion that should remain private

According to La Dépêche, the high school student would have made "insulting words" and "threatening" towards her teacher in a private group on Instagram. His comrades came to his aid, explaining that it was not uncommon for students to have this kind of discussion among themselves. The teacher who was the target of these insults did not hear it that way. After hearing of the existence of this conversation, she approached the school administration.

“This is a decision that we find disproportionate. We do not minimize these comments. We think that the context is unfavorable to our comrade. But who has never said insulting words against one of the teachers because he overloaded us with work or poorly graded us? It must be said that with all this health protocol, the high school students are on the teeth, ” explain Bérangère, Lou and Charlie, the spokespersons of the demonstrators.

A dismissal without suspension

For now, it is not known how the professor managed to discover the existence of this discussion which was supposed to remain in the private domain. Despite the protests of the students, the latter won her case. This case ended with the dismissal without suspension of the high school student at the origin of the insults.

Karine Froment, the principal of the school, responded to the young demonstrators who declared that their comrade would not have been "defended and would not have had access to his rights. " According to her, " the student came to the disciplinary council with his mother. We have notified him of his rights orally and in writing. Representatives of parents, teachers, administrative staff and elected staff attended this council. "

She added that the council "ruled on a case of exclusion and without stay. "This high school has resulted in its fall five other students who were suspended for putting on a like she has uttered insults.