This is why you should not use your smartphone during your breaks

According to a study, using your smartphone during breaks can affect the brain's ability to perform certain tasks. An alarming finding for those who cannot get rid of their phone even for a short time.

The smartphone has become an essential daily accessory. In addition to playing the role of a telephone, it offers an indefinite possibility of tasks thanks to the applications created by the developers, but also and especially the Internet. Given this reality, some of us find it hard to do without our smartphone for even a moment. If you are in this category of users, you had better refer to a study published in 2019 in the Journal of Behavorial Addictions .

This is why you should not use your smartphone during your breaks

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The said study effectively highlights the impact of smartphone addiction on our mental faculty.

Word puzzles

Researchers who conducted the study specifically looked at the consequences of using smartphones to perform mentally difficult tasks during breaks. To do this, they brought in 414 undergraduate students who were given an individual task of solving word puzzles.

Halfway through, some took breaks using their smartphones. Others took it while writing on a piece of paper or using a computer, while others continued to solve the puzzles, reports .

As a result, participants who used their phones during breaks experienced the highest level of mental exhaustion and were among the least able to solve the puzzles afterwards. Their mental faculty was comparable to that of those who hadn't paused.

More addictive than computers?

For Terri Kurtzberg, associate professor of management and global business at Rutgers University Business School and co-author of the study, this decline in mental faculty is explained by the fact that "the phone can lead to increasing levels of distraction. which make it difficult to return to concentration on professional tasks ”.

“Smartphones can have this effect, because just seeing it turned on activates thoughts of checking messages, connecting with people, accessing ever-fresh information, and more, in a different way than the way we use other screens like laptops, ” she added.

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